Revolution of January 25 in egypt

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Revolution of January 25 in egypt Empty Revolution of January 25 in egypt

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Revolution of January 25 in egypt

Revolution of January 25 in egypt 250px-Tahrir_Square_on_February_8_2011

25 revolution is a peaceful popular uprising began on Tuesday, January
25, 2011 (01/25/2011) corresponding to 21 February 1432 [4]. On
25 January, which was chosen to coincide with Holiday Police identified
several points of the Egyptian opposition and Almstkulaian, including
the April 6 Youth Movement [5] and the Kifaya movement, as well as
groups of young people across the social networking site Facebook, which
is the most famous group «We are all Khaled Said» and «Monitoring
Network» The
young Muslim Brotherhood. [6] [7] [8] Despite the initial statements
which indicated that the group would not participate as strong political
or political body that participation needs to plan and agreement
between all political forces before going down to the street, the group
had warned if the situation continues, what it is from a popular revolution, but as they called them ("not of our making," but we can not prevent it) [9]. The
call came in protest against living conditions and political and
economic conditions as well as to what is considered corrupt under the
rule of President Hosni Mubarak. [10] [11] [12] Two years ago, a girl
named Esra Abdel Fattah, she was then that the age of 17 years, from through
its "Logo", calling for a peaceful strike, in the 6 ‬ April / April
2008, in protest against the deterioration of living conditions, and
soon received a response from the call about 70 thousand of the public. The
result is that the strike succeeded, and called the Isra at the time
the title "Girl Logo" and "leadership default" [13], and since half the
opposition to start awareness of the sons of the provinces to do the job
in protest against poor conditions in Egypt, most notably the April 6
Youth Movement and the movement of the adequacy of After
the incident, Khalid Saeed activist Wael Ghoneim and political activist
Abdul Rahman Mansour, a page that we are all Khaled Said on Facebook
and urged Egyptians to get rid of the system and ill-treatment by police
of the people.

this revolution to the resignation of President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak
from power in February 11th, 2011 M 0.8 March 1432, in the sixth on
Friday, February 11, 2011 AD Deputy President Omar Suleiman in a short
statement on the abandonment of the president from office and that assigned to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Department of the country


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