Newspapers in the world: a prison "rapist Facebook" and punish the Iranian channel

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Newspapers in the world: a prison "rapist Facebook" and punish the Iranian channel Empty Newspapers in the world: a prison "rapist Facebook" and punish the Iranian channel

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Newspapers in the world: a prison "rapist Facebook" and punish the Iranian channel

Guardian newspaper reported that the television "Press," the Iranian
government claimed that the Oversight Committee on the media in Britain,
"Ofcom" plans to pull out because of the broadcast license requests
from the figures in the British royal family.

newspaper said that the website of the TV the English-speaking
publication of a statement in which he accused members of the Oversight
Committee by submitting the "influence of political supporters of Israel
and sympathetic to the United States," as well as to obey the pressure
"members of the government and the royal family" to stop the
transmission channel on the waves the British.

case dates back to May / May, when the "Ofcom" to issue a resolution
condemning the channel for breaking the laws of the broadcast, after it
was introduced by an interview with the journalist Hnamte Bahari, a
correspondent for "Newsweek" and who was then in a Iranian prison, was
forced Harry during his appearance to read a written statement, in an atmosphere where it appears that he was under guard security.

published a channel on its website Friday a collection of essays that
express anger at the decision of the Oversight Committee, said in some
of those articles: "can appear on British television channel
specializing sex gay, and will not pose a problem to Ofcom, but there
could be a news channel provide news from the point of view contrary to those prevailing in London and Washington. "

The Independent

newspaper, for its part has allocated ample space to talk about the
scenarios that are about "the end of the world," said the site "Rabchur
Index" Christian religious pointed out that the concern about the
approach of the "Doomsday" is increasing with the thousands of people
who believe in some interpretations of the Bible.

Web site said that expectations about the circumstances associated with
the end of the world in the Bible always tend to talk about wars,
strange natural phenomena, this has been reinforced recently by some
because of the events in the Middle East and the increasing hurricanes,
volcanoes and earthquakes.

returned the paper to the story of the American priest, Harold Kambing,
who had predicted the end of the world on May 21 / May, and the
accompanying uproar among many who have been affected, before it was
clear that the world continues as we know, without the incredible

the surprise is that Kambing did not retract his thesis, but returned
to say that the world actually ended on May 21 / May, and that it was
closing the door of repentance, and the date of destruction of the world
- according to his claim - Vchristl on October 21 / October of this.

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times, for its part, the U.S. raised the issue of South
Africa, where a court issued a sentence of 50 years to a man used social
networking site "Facebook" of the rhythm and the women raped.

to court papers, the man was baptized to correspondence young women and
offer them jobs, and then Agrihn to come and meet him in the hotels or
places to Mazlh raped.

accused has collapsed several times during the meeting, and claimed
that he in turn "rape victim" suffered in his childhood, as well as
reform of income in the period of early life.

is noteworthy that South Africa is among the countries with the highest
rates of rape in the world, and believed that more than 56 thousand
women a year are subjected to sexual assaults


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