Apple starts selling New iPhone next Friday

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Apple starts selling New iPhone next Friday  Empty Apple starts selling New iPhone next Friday

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Apple starts selling New iPhone next Friday

Apple starts selling New iPhone next Friday  Gal_steve_wozniak_iphone_4s.jpg_-1_-1

United States of America (CNN) - is expected to stand people in long
lines Friday to buy phones "iPhone 4 as" the new, which was unveiled a
week ago, while waving in the air the anniversary of the death of the
company "Apple", Steve Jobs, announced in late on the fifth of October / November being the death of Jobs, one of its founders, for 56 years.

had been detected "iPhone 4 as" iPhone 4S new one day before the death
of Jobs, who died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, should be,
who died at three o'clock in the afternoon last Wednesday at his home
in the "Palo Alto", California , and was buried Friday, in the same region.

company "Apple" has surprised the millions who were watching the latest
products in the world of smart phones, rather than declare that the
American company for a "iPhone 5", as some had expected, was detected on
the modified version of the "iPhone 4", with the name "iPhone 4S."

some felt the "disappointment" because the company announced a new
generation of phone mobile top-selling in the world, the revised version
includes what is considered the "Add a revolutionary new" in the field
of communications, where the phone has the new "personal assistant", you
can to speak directly to him.

is noteworthy that Apple had sold a million units of the smart phone in
the hours and twenty-four hours the first through its website and my
company, "AT & T" AT & T and Verizon, and Sprint.

buying online and the companies that will provide the device with the
service stopped due to high demand, depletion of the assigned amount.

comparison, Apple has sold about 600 thousand sets of the "iPhone 4"
after the announcement of him, a figure that includes telecom companies
outside the United States of America.

most important features of the new device, although added that updates
are not many, is contained on a processor A5, also located in a "iPad",
which Apple says it will accelerate to deal with twice the speed at
which data is characterized by the "iPhone 4"

The handling fee will be faster by about seven times the previous generation.

new device also includes a camera with 8 megapixel camera, compared
with 5 megapixel camera in the past, has also been professionally
dealing with more video footage and high-definition feature stability in
the device.

price of the device that has a strong memory 16 GB $ 199, while the
price of a memory of 32 GB to $ 299, while the price of the device
memory 64 GB to $ 399


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